Hypnoseakademiet er opptatt av evidensbasert praksis. Vi har derfor samlet en rekke vitenskapelige artikler som du kan lese, slik at du kan holde deg oppdatert på feltet.

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A Comparison of the Efficacy of Acupuncture andHypnotherapy in Patients With MigraineÅpne
A Meta-Analysis for the Efficacy of Hypnotherapyin Alleviating PTSD SymptomsÅpne
A Meta-Analysis of Hypnotic Interventions forDepression Symptoms: High Hopes for Hypnosis?Åpne
A National Survey of Clinical Hypnosis Views andExperiences of the Adult Population in the UnitedStatesÅpne
Alert Hypnosis With Tai Chi Movement for TraumaResolutionÅpne
Are Anesthesia Providers Ready for Hypnosis?Anesthesia Providers’ Attitudes TowardHypnotherapyÅpne
Brain Activity and Functional Connectivity Associatedwith HypnosisÅpne
Clinical Hypnosis and Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Case ReportÅpne
Clinical Hypnosis and Music In Breast Biopsy:ARandomized Clinical TrialÅpne
Clinical hypnosis for palliative care in severe chronic diseases: A review andthe procedures for relieving physical, psychological and spiritual symptomsÅpne
Clinical Hypnosis in Reducing Chronic Insomnia Accompanied by RuminationÅpne
Australian Journal of Experimental Clinical HypnosisÅpne
Clinical Hypnosis, an Effective Mind–Body Modalityfor Adolescents with Behavioral andPhysical ComplaintsÅpne
Clinical hypnosis, mindfulness and spirituality inpalliative careÅpne
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Plus Hypnosisfor Distress During Breast Radiotherapy: A Randomized TrialÅpne
Cognitive-behavioral therapy plus hypnosis to reduce emotional distress associated with radiotherapy for breast cancer: A randomized trialÅpne
Disseminating hypnosis to health care settings: Applying theRE-AIM frameworkÅpne
Effect of Hypnosis on Pulmonary Function and Severity of the Disease in Asthmatic Patients: A Randomized Clinical TrialÅpne
Efficacy and Safety of MidazolamOral Solution for Sedative Hypnosisand Anti-anxiety in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisÅpne
Effects of hypnosis during pregnancy: A psychophysiological study onmaternal stressÅpne
Bru kav hypnose i systemisk terapi: En kvalitativ studie som utforsker hvordan systemiske terapeuter brukerhypnose i sin kliniske praksisÅpne
Feasibility of clinical hypnosis for transesophageal echocardiography in children and adolescentsÅpne
Efficacy, acceptability and safety of guided imagery/hypnosis infibromyalgia–A systematic review and meta-analysis ofrandomized controlled trialsÅpne
Guided Imagery, Biofeedback, and Hypnosis: A Map of the EvidenceÅpne
Harm in Hypnosis: Three Understandings FromPsychoanalysis That Can HelpÅpne
Hypnosis Intervention Effects on Sleep Outcomes: A Systematic ReviewÅpne
Hypnosebehandling af børn og unge med funktionelle mavesmerterÅpne
Hypnosis: A Psychodynamic PerspectiveÅpne
Hypnosis and Mindfulness: The Twain Finally MeetÅpne
Hypnosis and The Therapeutic Relationship:Relational Factors of Hypnosis in PsychotherapyÅpne
Hypnosis as a Valuable Tool for Surgical Procedures in the Oral and Maxillofacial AreaÅpne
Hypnosis Attitudes: Treatment Effects andAssociations With Symptoms in Individuals With CancerÅpne
Hypnosis for children undergoing dental treatment (Review)Åpne
Hypnosis for Hot Flashes and AssociatedSymptomsin Women with Breast CancerÅpne
Hypnosis for pain management during labour and childbirth (Review)Åpne
Hypnosis for Smoking Relapse Prevention: A Randomized TrialÅpne
Hypnosis for Surgical PainÅpne
Hypnosis in Cancer CareÅpne
Hypnosis, anesthesia, pain management, and preparation for medical proceduresÅpne
Interventions for reducing fear of childbirth: A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trialsÅpne
Incorporating Hypnosis into Pediatric Clinical EncountersÅpne
Integrating Clinical Hypnosis and NeurofeedbackÅpne
Integrating Pediatric Hypnosis with Complementary Modalities: Clinical Perspectives on Personalized TreatmentÅpne
Introducing Clinical Hypnosis to Dentists: Special Challenges and StrategiesÅpne
Langerian Mindfulness and Its Implications for Clinical HypnosisÅpne
Learning Clinical Hypnosis Wide Awake: Can We Teach Hypnosis Hypnotically?Åpne
Looking at Alert, Conversational HypnosisÅpne
MECHANISMS OF HYPNOSIS: Toward the Development of a Biopsychosocial ModelÅpne
Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness Magnitude of Hypnosis on Posttraumatic Stress DisorderTreatmentÅpne
New directions in hypnosis research: strategies foradvancing the cognitive and clinical neuroscienceof hypnosisÅpne
Non-pharmacological interventions for reducing mental distress in patients undergoing dental procedures: Systematic review and meta-analysisÅpne
Pain Modulation in Waking and Hypnosis in Women: Event-Related Potentials and Sources of Cortical ActivityÅpne
Promoting Safety in Hypnosis: A ClinicalInstrument for the Assessment of AlertnessÅpne
Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapy on Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Case StudyÅpne
Raising Relational Critical Consciousness to Enhance Empathy in Clinical HypnosisÅpne
Recommendations and Illustrations for Combining Hypnosis and EMDR in the Treatment ofPsychological TraumaÅpne
Reconsidering Hypnosis and Psychoanalysis: Toward Creating a Context for UnderstandingÅpne
Review of the international hypnosis literatureÅpne
The effectiveness of hypnosis for pain relief: A systematic review and meta-analysis of 85 controlled experimental trialsÅpne
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Distraction and Hypnosis forNeedle-Related Pain and Distress in Children and AdolescentsÅpne
Taking hypnosis to the next level: Valuable tips for enhancing your clinical practiceÅpne
The Effect of Hypnosis on Anxiety in PatientsWith Cancer: A Meta-AnalysisÅpne
The Efficacy of Hypnosis as a Treatment forAnxiety: A Meta-AnalysisÅpne
The Enduring Relationship Between Clinical Hypnosis and the Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress DisordeÅpne
The Hypnotic Induction in the Broad Scheme ofHypnosis: A Sociocognitive PerspectiveÅpne
The neural mechanisms of immediate and follow-upof the treatment effect of hypnosis on smoking cravingÅpne
The Rate of Adverse Events Related to Hypnosis During Clinical TrialsÅpne
The Role of Hypnosis in Cancer CareÅpne
The role of hypnotherapy in evidence-based clinical practiceÅpne
The role of clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis to relief pain and anxiety in severe chronic diseases in palliative care: A 2-year longterm follow-up of treatment in a nonrandmoized clinical trialÅpne
Utilizing Principles of Clinical Hypnosis for an Effective Communication with Patients in Managing Chronic PainÅpne
Valencia Model of Waking Hypnosis: Background,Research, and Clinical ApplicationsÅpne
What is the Essence of Hypnosis?Åpne
Yearning for the Vastness of the Sea: Reflections and Commentary on Professional Training in HypnosisÅpne